Frequently Asked Questions

About Josudo

Formerly Ggosu, we aim to give easy access to quality coaching for your favourite games on PC or console. You can read more about us on here.

We have gone to great lengths to select top coaches for each game so you can be sure that any coach you book on Josudo can help you to improve your skills, whatever they may be. Just communicate your objectives to the coach and you’ll be on your way to achieve them.

Booking a session

Right now we have coaches for Dota 2, Fortnite, League of Legends and Overwatch and we will be adding coaches for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) very shortly. Many more games coming soon, like Fifa, Arena of Valor, Gran Turismo, Street Fighter, etc.

  1. Select the game you want to improve at.
  2. Select a coach that matches your current needs; eg. language, time zone, role, types of service etc., from our roster.
  3. Complete the booking by paying for selected coach.
  1. Once you complete payment you will receive an automated payment confirmation email.
  2. Soon after that we will share the coach’s calendar with you (via mail) which you can use to book your preferred time for the session.
  3. You will then receive another email from the coach to reconfirm the time and where they will share their contact details.

Once a booking time has been confirmed you will receive the contact details (Discord, Skype or PSPlus, XboxLive) from the coach so you can get in touch for your session.

Changes happen, so it’s ok if you need to reschedule your session after you’ve booked. To do so simply book another slot in the same calendar link you used the first time to schedule as session, or you can write to us referring your order number and new desired time.. We ask you please to reschedule or cancel a minimum of 8 hours before the class so we can let the coach know and offer the time for other players.


Right now we have coaches ranging from 5 SGD to 20 SGD, but this varies all the time as the coaches set their own price. However, we are offering you a 50% off voucher for your first session. Type the promo code “GITGUD” in the checkout page to unlock the savings.

No, we hold your payment in escrow until the session is completed, which is when we send the payment to the coach. This helps us ensure a better quality control over the session and make sure if for some reason you’re not satisfied with the experience we can return the amount back to you.

If for some reason, you feel that the coaching session was not up to standards you can request for a refund once the session is completed. Simply write to us @ info@www.josudo.com. We will look into the case and start the refund procedure as soon as possible.

Coaching session

The coaching happens fully online via either Discord, Skype or PSPlus/Xbox Live, which is why we ask you for this info on signup. You will be able to play and talk with your coach in one of three coaching methods (to be agreed upon by you and the coach):
1. Coach spectate player game and comment
2. Coach and player watch player’s replay and discuss
3. Coach and player party up and play together

We have searched far and wide to find top coaches for every game, and tested them ourselves to make sure they’re not only great gamers but great coaches too. They’re usually gamers on the top of the leaderboard, semi-professional gamers or just very good teachers.